Product family features
  • Light and presence sensor
  • Presence detection via passive IR element
  • Function indicator with two-color LED
  • Integrated infrared remote control receiver
  • Halogen free polycarbonate plastic housing
  • Connection via polarity reversal protected 4p4c socket (RJ10)
Product family benefits
  • VDE/VDE EMC certified system
  • V(λ) corrected light sensor element
  • Individual activation/deactivation of light and presence sensor via remote control
  • Presence detection angle adjustable between 40…90° via integrated shutters


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Information about Family

As part of OSRAM's DALIeco range, this high quality presence and light sensor is quickly and easily integrated into a modular DALI-based professional lighting management system (LMS), such as DALIeco, to ensure efficient use of lighting, energy and financial resources. Particularly suitable for corridors, this VDE/VDE EMC certified presence and light detecting sensor can also be used in office luminaires and classrooms. It can be integrated into ceilings using the appropriate OSRAM accessories, and is encased in a halogen-free polycarbonate housing. The DALIeco LS/PD LI NP senses presence through a passive IR element, and the light and presence detection sensors can be individually controlled using a remote control, since each sensor has an integrated receiver. This sensor also has a two-color LED function indicator, and is connected via a polarity reversal protected 4p4c socket (RJ10). The DALIeco LS/PD LI NP is ideal if you are creating a comprehensive DALI lighting system and want to reliably optimize performance, energy and cost effectiveness in a straightforward, fuss-free manner.
Areas of application
  • Corridors
  • Office luminaires
  • Classrooms
  • Ceiling installation via LS/PD CI KIT or LS/PD AP KIT possible