Product family features
  • Light and presence sensor
  • Presence detection via passive IR element
  • Function indicator with two-color LED
  • Integrated infrared remote control receiver
  • Integrated pushbutton for automatic startup/deactivation of infrared receiver
  • Halogen free polycarbonate plastic housing
Product family benefits
  • VDE/VDE EMC certified system
  • V(λ) corrected light sensor element
  • Individual activation/deactivation of light and presence sensor via remote control
  • Presence detection angle adjustable between 40…90° via integrated shutters

Information about Family

This presence and light detector, in halogen-free polycarbonate housing, detects presence through a passive IR element. It has an integrated infrared remote-control receiver that is automatically started up and deactivated via the integrated pushbutton, and a function indicator with 2-color LED. DALIeco LS/PD LI is useful for office lighting — you can install it in office luminaires, or in the ceiling using the LS/PD CI KIT. Benefits include a VDE/VDE EMC certified system, V(λ) corrected light sensor element and the ability to change the presence detection angle between 40…90 ° using the integrated shutters.
Areas of application
  • Office luminaires
  • Ceiling installation via LS/PD CI KIT possible