DALIeco Swarm Adapter

Product family features
  • 868 MHz radio radapter for wireless synchronization of DALIeco control units
  • Bidirectional transmission of motion signals and central on/off commands
  • Digital radio coding of up to seven zones and seven group addresses
  • Transmitter range: up to 50 m
  • VDE certified system
  • Direct connection and supply via DALIeco control unit
Product family benefits
  • Simple configuration via screwdriver


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Information about Family

The DALIeco Swarm Adapter is an 868 MHz radio adapter for the wireless synchronization of DALIeco light control units, with a transmitter range up to 50 meters. It has a VDE certified system and has direct connection and supply via the DALIeco control unit. With bidirectional transmission of motion signals and central on/off commands, as well as digital radio coding of up to 7 zones and 7 group addresses, you will find it good for use in office lighting and corridors, and easy to configure using a screwdriver.
Areas of application
  • Offices
  • Corridors