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Product family features
  • Type of protection IP65 according to DIN EN 60529
  • The modules can only be connected in series
  • Two-core connecting cable (500 mm)
  • Dimmable
Product family benefits
  • Metal package for optimum heat removal
  • Integrated M10x1.5 thread for simple installation
  • No additional heat sink required
  • Narrow beam angle for use as a spot source
  • Perfect centering thanks to flange on the floor of the casing (diameter 12 mm)
  • Low maintenance costs thanks to a lifetime of up to 70,000 h
  • 5 year guarantee


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Total useful luminous flux
Nominal wattage
Nominal voltage
Color rendering index Ra
Color temperature
Data sheet
100 lm 1.00 W 2.9 V 80 3000 K
108 lm 1.00 W 2.9 V 80 5000 K



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Information about Family

The DRAGONeye module, which is available in several variants, is a dimmable, IP65 protected (according to DIN EN 60529) module that must be connected in series. It comes with a 500 mm, 2 core connecting cable and is great for accent, orientation or route lighting, and for shelf and furniture illumination. You can use it for LED fittings outside, and you do not need an additional heat sink because it has a metal package for optimal heat removal. DRAGONeye has a narrow beam angle for use as a spot source, and an integrated M10x1.5 thread for simple installation. It shows perfect centering thanks to a flange on the floor of the casing, and gives you low maintenance costs thanks to a life span of up to 70,000 h. DRAGONeye comes to you with a 5 year guarantee.
Areas of application
  • For accent, orientation or route lighting
  • Shelf and furniture lighting
  • Suitable for outdoor use

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