Product family features
  • Retrofit for DIN rail to DIN EN 50022
  • Operating frequency: 50…60 Hz
  • Maximum continuous load: 16 A
  • Limitation time: 70 ms
  • Number of switching cycles: up to 10,000
Product family benefits
  • Increases maximum number of ECG per automatic cutout by factor 2.5
  • Flexible use depending on the size of the installation
  • Simple installation

Information about Family

The EBN-OS inrush current limiter has an operating frequency of 50…60 Hz, a maximum continuous load of 16 A and a limitation time of 70 ms. It gives you up to 10,000 switching cycles and is a retrofit for DIN rail to DIN EN 50022. You can use it with all POWERTRONIC, and some OPTOTRONIC, control gears, and it increases the maximum number of ECGs per automatic cutout by a factor of 2.5. Simple to install, the EBN-OS offers flexible use, dependent on the size of the lighting installation.
Areas of application
  • Suitable for all POWERTRONIC and selected OPTOTRONIC control gears