Product family features
  • Presence detection via passive IR element
  • Light sensor operating range: 0…1,000 lx
  • Daylight-dependent regulation and presence-dependent control of light
  • Integrated ZigBee Home Automation connectivity
  • Battery-powered
Product family benefits
  • Multiple sensors can be networked
  • Simple installation


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19-01-2022 4052899957343 | 4052899274600

Information about Family

The battery-operated EN-SCPPH-0450-ZB sensor provides light detection with a working range of 0…1,000 lx, and presence detection via passive IR element. It gives you daylight-dependent regulation and presence-dependent light control. Each unit has integrated ZigBee home automation connectivity, and is designed for ceiling mounting. EN-SCPPH-0450-ZB sensors are easy to install, and you can network multiple units.
Areas of application
  • Ceiling surface mounting