HBO 50 W/3 10/CS 1/SKU

Product features and benefits
  • High luminance / radiance with intense point source
  • Broad spectral distribution in the visible and ultraviolet range
  • Enhanced UV characteristics available on some types
  • High arc stability
Areas of application
  • Microscopy
  • Laboratory & Analysis
  • UV curing
  • Fiber Illumination
  • Microscopy
  • Solar Simulation

Safety advice
Due to their high luminance, UV radiation, and high internal pressure in the hot state, HBO and HXP lamps may only be operated in enclosed lamp casings designed for their operation. Since mercury is released if the lamp breaks, special safety precautions must be taken. More information is available upon request, or can be found in the leaflet or operating instructions included with the lamp. You can also review our Product Safety Guide.

319936_NON HOUSEHOLD ILLUMINATION 484426_Tonne-de 344699_Medical pictogram

Technical Data

General product information

Product Number


Product Name

HBO 50 W/3 10/CS 1/SKU

Family Brand Name



UV Light Curing, Microscopy, Photo-Polymerization

Product Remark

  • s (Operating Position) = Vertical, base down

Electrical data

Nominal Wattage

50 W

Current (A)

2.3 A

Type of Current


Light technical data

Luminous Flux

1300 lm

Average Luminance (cd/cm2)

90000 cd/cm2

Luminous Intensity (cd)

150 cd

Luminous Area (mm)

0.2 x 0.35 mm

Luminous Efficacy (lm/W)

26 lm/W

Light Center Length - LCL (mm)

22 mm

Average Rated Life

200 h

Physical attributes

Base Anode


Base Cathode


Maximum Overall Length (mm)

53 mm

Length l1 (mm)

53 mm

Length l1 max. (mm)

53 mm

Diameter d (in)

39.331 in

Diameter d (mm)

999.00 mm

Distance a (mm)

22 mm

Additional product data

Operating Position

s 45

Maximum Base Temperature (ºC)

230 C



Packaging information

Product number




Outside dimensions l x w x h

Gross weight

69215 4050300506692 Folding box 1 7.2in x 3.4in x 2.3in 0.2lb
69215 4050300506708 Shipping box 10 12.3in x 7.3in x 7.6in 2.3lb


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