HBO > 200W for Other Equipment

Product features and benefits
  • High spectral intensity with peak irradiance at 365nm wavelength, making it ideal for microlithography
  • Ceramic housings designed specifically for high temperature halogen and metal halide applications for optimal exposure and throughput
  • Designed for long lasting performance
  • Qualified with major microlithography equipment manufacturers
Areas of application
  • Semiconductor

Information about Family

OSRAM HBO lamps > 200W are designed to meet the high demands of the Semiconductor industry. With peak intensity at 365nm these lamps are ideal for microlithography and are designed and qualified for specific equipment manufacturers.


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Product Number
Nominal Wattage
Nominal Voltage
Current (A)
Average Rated Life
Data sheet
HBO 350W/60V 10/CS 1/SKU
69226 350 W 67.5 V 5.3 A 400 h
HBO 5000W/HK 4/CS 1/SKU
69138 5000 W 70 V 72 A 850 h
HBO 5000W/TA 4/CS 1/SKU
69135 5000 W 50 V 100 A 850 h