HBO 350W/60V 10/CS 1/SKU

Product features and benefits
  • High spectral intensity with peak irradiance at 365nm wavelength, making it ideal for microlithography
  • Ceramic housings designed specifically for high temperature halogen and metal halide applications for optimal exposure and throughput
  • Designed for long lasting performance
  • Qualified with major microlithography equipment manufacturers
Areas of application
  • Semiconductor
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Technical Data

General product information

Product Number


Product Name

HBO 350W/60V 10/CS 1/SKU

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Product Remark

  • Anode and Cathode Base with UNC-3B thread.
  • Lamps suitable for pulse operation between 250W and 500W. Maximum permissible average power is 350W (also for constant power operation).
  • Lamp service life is defined with a switch-on/switch off duty cycle of 12hours ON / 30 minutes OFF.

Electrical data

Nominal Wattage

350 W

Nominal Voltage

67.5 V

Current (A)

5.3 A

Type of Current


Light technical data

Average Luminance (cd/cm2)

53000 cd/cm2

Radiant intensity in 350-450 nm range (mW/sr)

4600 mW/sr

Radiant Power in 350-450 nm range (W)

46 W

Light Center Length - LCL (mm)

45 mm

Average Rated Life

400 h

Physical attributes

Base Anode

SFcY 10-4

Base Cathode

SFcY 10-4

Maximum Overall Length (mm)

128 mm

Length l1 (mm)

128 mm

Length l1 max. (mm)

128 mm

Diameter d (in)

0.787 in

Diameter d (mm)

20.00 mm

Distance a (mm)

45 mm

Electrode Gap - cold (mm)

2.9 mm

Additional product data

Operating Position

Vertical, anode down

Maximum Base Temperature (ºC)

200 C



Lamp Type


Packaging information

Product number




Outside dimensions l x w x h

Gross weight

69226 4050300351599 Shipping box 1 8.5in x 2.8in x 3.7in 0.4lb
69226 4050300953359 Shipping box 10 15.9in x 8.1in x 9.6in 0.5lb


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