HTI Reflector

Product features and benefits
  • Robust design with precision reflector alignment
  • Consistent lumen output over the life of the lamp
  • Higher luminous efficacy than conventional HID lamps provides higher fixture efficiency
Areas of application
  • Concert lighting
  • Club & Disco
  • Stage and theatre
  • Studio, TV and film
  • Architecture & Architainment

Information about Family

OSRAM HTI lamps are short arc lamps that provide bright light with high efficiency. They are available in single end, reflector, and double end designs. These reflector designs offer precision alignment and high fixture efficiency.


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Product Number
Nominal Wattage
Nominal Voltage
Color Temperature
Average Rated Life
Data sheet
HTI 250 W/32C 2/CS 1/SKU
54089 250 W 45 V 5600 K 250 h
HTI 250 W/32 2/CS 1/SKU
54081 250 W 45 V 5600 K 250 h
HTI 400 W/24 2/CS 1/SKU
54083 400 W 55 V 5600 K 250 h