KNX IF 250

Product family features
  • Fully configured with the ETS Software and handles up to 250 group objects
  • Powered via KNX Bus, no dedicated power supply necessary
  • KNX programming interface according to KNXnet/IP specification
  • LEDs show different work modes and communication errors on LAN and KNX Bus
  • Buttons for diagnose functionality
Product family benefits
  • Bi-directional communication between KNX and compatible OSRAM LMS und sensors
  • In combination with DALI Professional, app control additionally to KNX possible
  • With DALI Professional, DALI sensor information in KNX is available
  • Connected to DALI Professional facilitates a solid and easy light regulation
  • In combination with DALI Professional HCL, RGB solutions in KNX possible

Information about Family

Areas of application
  • Industry with heavy duty light regulation even in high bay areas
  • Office with high end HCL functionality
  • Representative areas with multi-color effects and Tunable White
  • Shop and retail with colored and Tunable White lighting
  • Healthcare and hospitality with HCL functionality