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Product features<return/><return/>• 230 V line voltage operation<return/>• High color consistency: ≤ 6 SDCM<return/>• Not dimmable<return/>• Type of protection: IP20<return/>• Very long average lifetime: 15,000 h (15 years at 2.7 h per day)<return/><return/><return/>Product benefits<return/><return/>• Compact dimensions<return/>• Easy installation<return/>• Excellent luminous efficiency<return/>• Good quality of light<return/>• Low weight and low profile<return/>• Three year guarantee<return/><return/><return/>Areas of application<return/><return/>• Area lighting<return/>• As a downlight for marking walkways, doors, stairs, etc.<return/>• Background lighting<return/>• Domestic applications<return/>• Entrance lighting<return/>• Exhibitions, department stores<return/>• For indoor use only<return/>• Kitchen lighting<return/><return/><return/>References / Links<return/>For Guarantee see <a href="" target="_blank"><a/><return/>

• Compact dimensions
• Easy installation
• Excellent luminous efficiency
• Good quality of light
• Low weight and low profile
• Three year guarantee


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Claimed equiv. conventional lamp power
Rated color temperature
Base (standard designation)
Data sheet
LP GX53 3.5 W/827 GX53
25 W 2700 K GX53 75.0 mm No
LP GX53 6 W/827 GX53
40 W 2700 K GX53 75.0 mm No
LP GX53 6 W/840 GX53
40 W 4000 K GX53 75.0 mm No


Information about Family

• Area lighting
• As a downlight for marking walkways, doors, stairs, etc.
• Background lighting
• Domestic applications
• Entrance lighting
• Exhibitions, department stores
• For indoor use only
• Kitchen lighting