Digital Systems


Product family features
  • LR-4…: Connect system
  • LT-280/-560: Track system
  • OTR: Optics tray
  • OPLR: Optics
  • LD-MB: Mounting bracket
  • LT-Endcap: Endcap

Information about Family

Maximize the creativity, as well as the efficiency, of your LED plan with accessories that match your LINEARlight ADVANCED/ECO Board. These complementary connect and track systems minimize the effort required to assemble and install your project, while maximizing the speed of both, allowing you to take light almost anywhere you want to. There are also optics and mounting bracket options. Now you can easily realise the custom light installation that you dream of, and create human centric lighting that generates mood and atmosphere. Whatever you choose, matching accessories can help you to follow your light inspiration.


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