Digital Systems

LINEARlight Colormix ECO / POWER Board

Product family features
  • LR-4…: Connect system
  • LT-280/-560: Track system
  • OTR: Optics tray
  • OPLR: Optics
  • LD-MB: Mounting bracket
  • LT-Endcap: Endcap

Information about Family

However customized your plans for unique lighting design, with its choice of connection and track systems, optics and mounting options, the matching accessories for LINEARlight Colormix ECO/POWER Board can make your LED installation faster and more efficient. Whether you are using light to create a USP in commercial LED lighting, or designing human centric lighting for domestic, leisure or hospitality settings, when you use the perfectly matching accessories it can minimize effort, and maximize the speed and results of your project.


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