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LINEARlight Colormix Flex

Product family features
  • Flexible and cuttable LED strip with inline multichip RGB LEDs
  • RGBW all types: full single bin on each color and white
  • RGB LF200C and LF05CE: binning on white (RGB mix)
  • RGB LF05CA2: binning on single colors R, G, B
Product family benefits
  • Uniform color changing
  • Great design freedom thanks to flexibility and cuttability of module
  • Simple mounting and connection
  • Type of protection: IP00
  • Toolless connection with the optional CONNECTsystem for RGB
  • Easy mounting on many smooth surfaces thanks to self-adhesive tape at the back
Equipment / Accessories
  • Simplified connection with optional matching CONNECTsystem for RGB
  • Quick installation with optional SLIM TRACK System
  • Perfectly matched to OPTOTRONIC 24 V electronic control gears


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Luminous flux
Light color LED
Luminous efficacy
Nominal wattage
Data sheet
1254 lm RGB 32 lm/W 39.00 W 6000 mm
1880 lm RGB 65.00 W 4000 mm
RGB, white 86 lm/W 75.70 W 3900 mm
RGB, white 116 lm/W 69.80 W 3900 mm
RGB, white 116 lm/W 69.80 W 3900 mm
RGB, white 125 lm/W 67.90 W 3900 mm
RGB, white 86 lm/W 64.20 W 6000 mm
RGB, white 121 lm/W 58.80 W 6000 mm
RGB, white 121 lm/W 58.80 W 6000 mm
RGB, white 129 lm/W 57.60 W 6000 mm
RGB, white 129 lm/W 57.60 W 6000 mm
RGB, white 125 lm/W 67.90 W 3900 mm

Information about Family

Whether you are designing an architectural concept, display lighting or other unique lighting design, LINEARlight Colormix Flex can inject stunning light into your creations. A flexible, splittable LED tape with inline multichip RGB LEDs, that you can cut every 100 mm, its versatility and ease of use gives you great design freedom and the ability to create striking, dynamic effects quickly and easily. In particular, it is ideal for the injection of light into displays and low profile light guides, for effect lighting in architecture and the creation of dynamic effects in public zones. Often you can mount it using only the adhesive strip on the back, but you can also use the optional SLIM TRACK System, and connect modules without tools with the optional matching CONNECTsystem. A perfect match for OPTOTRONIC 24 V control gears, LINEARlight Colormix Flex also provides uniform color changes.
Areas of application
  • Effect lighting in architecture
  • Injection of light into displays and low-profile light guides
  • Dynamic effects in public zones



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