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LINEARlight FLEX DIFFUSE Top White – discontinued

Product family features
  • Diffused light lines without visible spots
  • Flexible and cuttable module to support design freedom
  • Long operational length per single power feed possible (up to 6m)
  • Ideal for luminaire designs
  • Extra strong self-adhesive backside for easy mounting
  • 24 V technology for easy dimensioning
  • Recommended in system use with OPTOTRONIC
  • Increased reliability due to single piece reel-to-reel technology
  • Dimmable with PWM technology
Product family benefits
  • IP67 protection with high performance silicone
  • Reliable connection over long periods of time: IP67 connector with built-in protection against liquids penetrating through the wires into the LED strip
  • Outdoor use possible: UV and salt mist resistant (UV acc. to ISO 4892-2 - Method A, salt mist acc. to IEC 60068-2-52 severity 1)


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Light color (designation)
Color temperature
Color rendering index Ra
Luminous flux per meter
Nominal wattage per meter
Data sheet
LFD400T-G1-827-06 discontinued
2700 K 2700 K >80 490 lm 7.2 W
LFD400T-G1-865-06 discontinued
6500 K 6500 K >80 460 lm 7.2 W
LFD400T-G1-840-06 discontinued
4000 K 4000 K >80 480 lm 7.2 W
LFD800T-G1-830-06 discontinued
3000 K 3000 K >80 750 lm 11.5 W
LFD800T-G1-840-06 discontinued
4000 K 4000 K >80 720 lm 11.5 W
LFD800T-G1-865-06 discontinued
6500 K 6500 K >80 660 lm 11.5 W

Information about Family

This flexible, cuttable strip of LEDs, with a self-adhesive strip on the reverse for easy mounting, has been created with freedom of design and light inspiration in mind. It can increase the scope of your professional and industrial lighting installations quickly and easily, letting you design in light wherever you need it. Easy to flex and cut to size, it is made from performance silicone, protected to IP67 and resistant to salt mist and UV, which means it is suitable for outdoor use. LINEARlight FLEX DIFFUSE 400 gives you lines of diffuse light, without visible spots, and you can run up to 6 meters from a single power feed. It is great for individual, customized and organically-shaped luminaires, architectural integration of walls and coves, and object integration (e.g. handrails), it can be dimmed with PWM technology, and it is a perfect match for OPTOTRONIC 24 V electronic control gears.
Areas of application
  • Individual and customized luminaires
  • Organic shaped luminaires
  • Architectural Integration – e.g. coves, walls
  • Object integration – e.g. handrails
  • Signage and illuminated advertising



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