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Product family features
  • Flexible and cuttable LED strip
  • Luminous flux: up to 240 lm/m
  • Dimmable
  • Fine White (3 SDCM)
Product family benefits
  • Very long for seamless bands of light
  • Large selection of light colors
  • Great design freedom thanks to flexibility and cuttability of module
  • Simple mounting and connection
  • Toolless connection with the optional CONNECTsystem
  • Easy mounting on many smooth surfaces thanks to self-adhesive tape at the back
Equipment / Accessories
  • Simplified connection with optional matching CONNECTsystem
  • Quick installation with optional SLIM TRACK System
  • Perfectly matched to OPTOTRONIC 24 V electronic control gears


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Color rendering index Ra
Luminous flux per meter
Nominal wattage per meter
Luminous efficacy
Data sheet
LF200-G3-827-10 discontinued
>80 200 lm 1.8 W 110 lm/W
LF200-G3-830-10 discontinued
>80 200 lm 1.8 W 110 lm/W
LF200-G3-840-10 discontinued
>80 200 lm 1.7 W 121 lm/W
LF200-G3-865-10 discontinued
>80 200 lm 1.7 W 121 lm/W
48 lm 4.1 W 12 lm/W
140 lm 6.0 W 23 lm/W
140 lm 6.0 W 23 lm/W
157 lm 4.1 W 38 lm/W
LF05E2-W2F-827 discontinued
>80 240 lm 3.0 W 57 lm/W
LF05E2-W2F-830 discontinued
>80 240 lm 3.0 W
LF05E2-W2F-840 discontinued
>80 240 lm 3.0 W
LF05E2-W2F-865 discontinued
>80 250 lm 3.0 W 83 lm/W
140 lm 6.0 W
140 lm 6.0 W
157 lm 4.1 W



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Information about Family

Created with professional and design-focused applications in mind, this flexible, cuttable strip of consistent light (fine white is 3 SDCM) is ideal for use in signage, and for many types of display lighting. Available in a large selection of color temperatures, the LINEARlight FLEX ECO generates luminous flux up to 240 lm/m and can be attached to many smooth surfaces using just the adhesive strip on the back. Alternatively, you can use the optional SLIM TRACK System for fast and simple installation. Connecting modules is easy, and if you use the optional matching CONNECTsystem, you do not even need to use tools. A perfect match for OPTOTRONIC 24 V electronic control gears — and thus great for use as part of a lighting system solution — LINEARlight FLEX ECO gives you high quality, dimmable light that makes a great impression.
Areas of application
  • Signage