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LINEARlight FLEX Protect ECO

Product family features
  • Flexible and cuttable LED strip
  • Luminous flux: up to 200 lm/m
  • Type of protection: IP67
  • Dimmable with PWM technology
  • Fine White (3.5 SDCM)
  • Salt mist proof
Product family benefits
  • Large selection of light colors
  • Great design freedom thanks to flexibility and cuttability of module
  • High-performance silicone for extremely long life and flexibility
  • Simple connection thanks to premounted connectors
  • Extraordinary design and high quality materials
  • Toolless connection with the optional CONNECTsystem
  • Easy mounting on many smooth surfaces thanks to self-adhesive tape at the back
Equipment / Accessories
  • Simplified connection with optional matching CONNECTsystem
  • Quick installation with optional SLIM TRACK System
  • Perfectly matched to OPTOTRONIC 24 V electronic control gears


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Light color (designation)
Luminous flux per meter
Nominal wattage per meter
Data sheet
Blue 48 lm 4.1 W
Red 140 lm 6.0 W
Green 157 lm 4.1 W
Yellow 140 lm 6.0 W
Red 140 lm 6.0 W
Yellow 140 lm 6.0 W

Information about Family

Inject a shot of light into your unique lighting design, with LINEARlight FLEX Protect ECO. Giving dimmable, consistent light of luminous flux up to 155 lm/m, resistant to salt mist and UV and protected to IP67, this flexible, cuttable strip of LEDs can be used outside or inside. If you are a lighting designer, light planner or architect, its innovative design, build quality and ease of use give you great design freedom, and it is particularly good for wall integration, LED backlighting of complex structures, path lighting, signage and other decorative applications. Available in various color temperatures, LINEARlight FLEX Protect ECO is made of high quality silicone to ensure long life and flexibility. Often, the adhesive strip on the back is all you need to fix it in place, while units can be connected without tools with the optional CONNECTsystem.
Areas of application
  • Decorative applications
  • Wall integration
  • Backlighting of complex structures
  • Path lighting
  • Signage
  • Suitable for outdoor use


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