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LINEARlight FLEX Protect ShortPitch

Product family benefits
  • Color consistency up to 2 SDCM on entire light strip thanks to Single-bin technology
  • Color rendering options Ra: 80 and 90
  • Service lifetime (L80/B10): up to 60,000 h
  • LM79 and LM80 compliant
  • Embedded constant current regulators
  • No solder-joints on circuit board
  • Type of protection: IP67 due to high performance silicon
  • Flexible and cuttable LED strips
  • Dimmable (with suitable PWM dimming methods)
Equipment / Accessories
  • Flexessories: a complete set of aluminum channels with diffusers and lenses
  • Connectors: quick-and-easy toolless installation with SLIMCONNECTsystem G2
  • Drivers and dimmers: wide selection of OPTOTRONIC 24 V DALI, DMX and BLE
  • Check for more detailed information the specification sheets in the download section


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Light color (designation)
Color temperature
Color rendering index Ra
Luminous flux per meter
Nominal wattage per meter
Data sheet
2700 K 2690 K ≥80 740 lm 7.7 W
3000 K 3095 K ≥80 800 lm 7.7 W
3500 K 3460 K ≥80 800 lm 7.7 W
4000 K 4015 K ≥80 800 lm 7.0 W
5000 K 4640 K ≥80 800 lm 7.0 W
6500 K 5775 K ≥80 800 lm 7.0 W
2700 K 2690 K ≥90 550 lm 7.0 W
3500 K 3460 K ≥90 620 lm 7.0 W
4000 K 4015 K ≥90 620 lm 7.0 W
6500 K 5775 K ≥90 680 lm 7.0 W

Information about Family

With very small spacing between each LED module and a luminous flux of up to 810 lm/m, this flexible and cuttable strip of LED modules provides consistently high quality, dimmable lines of light. It is ideal for use in professional light installations, such as LED bar lighting and restaurant lighting, and easy to integrate into luminaire designs — even those with challenging contours. You can use it inside or outside, thanks to its IP67 protection and resistance to UV and salt mist, and it is a perfect match for OPTOTRONIC 24 V electronic control gears. It can often be fixed in place easily using the adhesive strip on the back; alternatively, the optional SLIM TRACK System makes installation very straightforward. The LINEARlight FLEX Protect ShortPitch comes with premounted connectors, and you do not need tools if you choose to connect modules with the optional CONNECTsystem.
Areas of application
  • For high-end application with dedicated equipment and accessories