Digital Systems


Product family features
  • LR-4…: Connect system
  • LT-280/-560: Track system
  • OTR: Optics tray
  • OPLR: Optics
  • LD-MB: Mounting bracket
  • LT-Endcap: Endcap

Information about Family

Whether you are a lighting designer, architect, light planner, installer or other lighting professional, get the very best from your space concept and luminaires, and maximize efficiency, using LINEARlight POWER Board and matching accessories. The CONNECTsystem makes it simple to assemble modules and make robust connections quickly and easily, while the complementary track system makes installation straightforward. Optics and mounting brackets are just two more of the options available; together they give you great design flexibility and many options, whether you are creating ambience through creative bar lighting, inspiration through customized shoplighting or motivation through the illumination of an office space.


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