Lok-it! Power Series (PS)

Product family features
  • Natural tone of light thanks to CRI as high as 90
  • Compact size and short arc gap for use in smaller and brighter fixtures
  • Higher luminous efficiency than standard HID lamps
  • Optimized filling for uniform light emission and a reduction in green tones standard for HID-lamps
  • Plug-and-play base: PGJX28 or PGJX36
  • Ceramic base allows high voltage up to 35 kV
  • Individual performance features, color-coded for easy identification
Product family benefits
  • Lok-it! PS for concert lighting: stable performance and reliability
  • Lok-it! PS Brilliant for theaters: Life-like colors and natural skin tones (CRI 95)
  • Lok-it! Blue for concert lighting: Crisp white light for cutting through the other colors on stage
Areas of application
  • Concert lighting
  • Club and disco
  • Stage and theatre
  • Studio, TV and film
  • Architecture & Architainment

Safety advice
Because of their high luminance, UV radiation and high internal pressure during operation, Lok-it! lamps may only be operated in enclosed lamp casings specially constructed for the purpose. Appropriate filters must ensure that UV radiation is reduced to an acceptable level. Mercury is released if the lamp breaks. Special safety precautions must be taken. Information on safety and handling is available on request or can be found in the leaflet included with the lamp or in the operating instructions.

Information about Family

Tried-and-true high-performance lamp technology with innovative features
Our Lok-it! Power Series (PS) lamps offer all the benefits of traditional Lok-it! lamps, while providing higher output in a more compact, yet thermally resistant design. All Lok-it! Power Series lamps offer a high CRI of 90 and supply flexibility for entertainment applications. The lamps’ natural tone of light, compact size, plug-and-play technology, and uniform light emission render them ideal for use in different show venues. From illuminating theatre performances to creating dazzling light shows, the Lok-it! Power Series has the ideal lamp for every stage, concert and club: lamps designated as “Brilliant” offer exceptional color rendering, making them ideal for applications, like theatres, where color quality is critical. Thanks to a CRI of 95 the audience experiences true-to-life colors. With its high color temperature of 7500 Kelvin, Lok-it! Blue shines when you require crisp white light.


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Nominal wattage
Nominal luminous flux
Color temperature
Data sheet
Lok-it! 1000/PS
1000.00 W 750 h 85000 lm 6000 K
Lok-it! 1000/PS Blue
1000.00 W 750 h 75000 lm 7200 K
Lok-it! 1000/PS Brilliant
1000.00 W 750 h 82000 lm 6000 K
Lok-it! 1400/PS Brilliant
1400.00 W 750 h 118000 lm 6000 K
Lok-it! 1700/PS
1700.00 W 750 h 135000 lm 6000 K
Lok-it! 1800/PS Brilliant
1800.00 W 750 h 148000 lm 6000 K
Lok-it! 2000/PS Brilliant
2000.00 W 1000 h 165000 lm 6000 K



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