With the new NIGHT BREAKER LED GEN 2, OSRAMs next generation of street-legal1) H7 LED retrofit lamps are now on the market.

Further developed, optimized and redesigned by OSRAM - The new NIGHT BREAKER LED GEN 2 H7. This impresses with an improved optical design that enables higher luminance and can therefore achieve optimized illumination. It impresses with a revised, innovative design for a more modern look and is characterized by more efficient thermal management, which can lead to a lower heat load. With OSRAMs street-legal1) retrofit lamps, you can benefit from highly energy-efficient, bright and modern LED light. With the new street-legal1) NIGHT BREAKER GEN 2 H7-LED you can now upgrade the function of your high- and low beam lights of the vehicle to state-of-the-art LED technology. These LED replacement lamps are suitable as a replacement for conventional H7 lamps and bases. They offer a modern and bright white light with a color temperature of up to 6000 Kelvin and impress with up to 230% more brightness2), while the glare of other road users falls below the permissible maximum values by up to 50%2) In comparison to standard lamps, such as halogen lamps, these LED retrofit lamps consume up to 60% less energy and convince thanks to the LED technology and the specially developed vibration-resistant design, with up to 5 times longer life time3). You can now replace your vehicle lamps with OSRAM´s revolutionary NIGHT BREAKER LED retrofit lamps and experience trend-setting brightness with road approval1) Additionally, OSRAM offers a dedicated guarantee on all NIGHT BREAKER LED retrofit lamps4)
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