OSLON® Black Flat S, KW HKL531.TE

Product features

OSLON Black Flat S is able to meet a wide range of requirements. The SMT device is very stable, durable and can be used with standard processes. A new solder pad layout allows for high reliability and improved thermal management. The compact chips not only deliver high light output, they are also individually addressable with an ensured chip-to-chip contrast which makes this LED an ideal solution for Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB).

Ordering codes

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KW HKL531.TE-F0F8-ebvFfcbB46-4LZL ΦV = 1310 ... 1760 lm (IF = 1000 mA) Q65112A8333

Status information

  • Preliminary
  • Full Production
  • Not for new design
  • Orders still accepted, deliveries still possible
  • Discontinued


Application note

Optical simulation

Electrical simulation