OSLON® Square, GH CSSRM3.24

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OSLON® Square Hyper Red with best value for highest PPF/W. Most compact high-power LED with proven robustness, high reliability, long lifetime and low thermal resistance.
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GH CSSRM3.24-V5V7-1-1-L ΦE = 925 ... 1035 mW (IF = 700 mA) Q65112A8521

Status information

  • Preliminary
  • Full Production
  • Not for new design
  • Orders still accepted, deliveries still possible
  • Discontinued
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Application note

Optical simulation

Electrical simulation


Calculation of different horticulture lighting scenarios with variations of LED configurations and ratios to realize the desired photon flux from the fixture and estimate the resulting photon flux density on the plants for a defined system setup. https://apps.osram-os.com/Horticulture/#device=GH CSSRM3.24