OT Programmer

Product family features
  • Standard USB interface
  • Very fast programming of single OPTOTRONIC devices with the Prog +/- interface
  • Programming without applying mains voltage to the driver
  • Suitable only for non-DALI OPTOTRONIC devices with the Prog +/- interface
Equipment / Accessories
  • Programmable via Tuner4TRONIC software

Information about Family

With the OT Programmer, you can very quickly program a single, non-DALI OPTOTRONIC device with the Prog +/− interface using Tuner4TRONIC software. It allows you to program without having to apply mains voltage to the driver, and uses a standard USB interface to activate your professional lighting installation quickly and easily.

References / Links
Tuner4TRONIC software available at www.osram.com/t4t
OT Programmer software available at www.osram.com/software