G55T8/OF 25/CS 1/SKU

Product features and benefits
  • Effective and environment-friendly disinfection without chemicals
  • High UV-C radiance at 254 nm
  • Low mercury content
  • Long lifetime due to special coating
  • Ozone-free​
Areas of application
  • Air
  • Water Purification
  • Surface Sterilization

Safety advice
To prevent possible serious injury, eyes and skin should not be exposed to direct or reflected ultraviolet light emitted by this lamp. This lamp is in Risk Group 3 per ANSI/IESNARP-27.3-96. Adequate protection should be provided by clothing, gloves, opaque materials, and ordinary window glass. Although this lamp will operate in standard fluorescent fixtures, it should not be used for general lighting applications.​

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Technical Data

General product information

Product Number


Product Name

G55T8/OF 25/CS 1/SKU

Family Brand Name



Air and water purification, surface disinfection

Electrical data

Nominal Wattage

55 W

Nominal Voltage

83 V

Current (A)

0.77 A

Light technical data

Average Rated Life

8000 h

Physical attributes



Bulb Shape


Maximum Overall Length (mm)

910 mm

Length l (mm)

895 mm

Diameter d (mm)

26 mm

Distance a (mm)

824 mm

Additional product data

Operating Position


Packaging information

Product number




Outside dimensions l x w x h

Gross weight

21283 4052899083936 Sleeve 1 35.9in x 1.1in x 1.1in 0.4lb
21283 4052899083943 Shipping box 10 36.5in x 6.1in x 2.8in 4.2lb
21283 4052899103375 Shipping box 25 36.6in x 5.9in x 6.1in 9.6lb
21283 4052899083950 Shipping box 100 37.1in x 12.8in x 15.2in 43.4lb


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