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PrevaLED Core G7 Food

Product family features
  • Complete portfolio with varying luminous flux, color temperature, color rendering
  • Lifetime (L80/B10): 60,000 h (temperature at Tp = 65 °C)
  • LED module is basic isolated to mounting surface
  • Photobiological safety according to IEC/TR 62778, risk group RG1
  • Max. working voltage: 60 V (to be operated only on SELV LED control gear)
Product family benefits
  • Easy integration thanks to very compact form factor
  • Easy cooling due to optimized efficiency and high maximum operation temperature
  • High driver flexibility allows cost-effective and intelligent systems
  • 5 year guarantee


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Product name
Total useful luminous flux
Nominal wattage
Nominal voltage
Color temperature
Data sheet
PL-CORE-G7 3000-927 L15 H1
3000 lm 27.00 W 36.1 V 2700 K
PL-CORE-G7 2000-927 L15 H1
2000 lm 16.20 W 34.9 V 2700 K
PL-CORE-G7 5000-927 L15 H1
5000 lm 47.00 W 37.3 V 2700 K
PL-CORE-G7 3000-S35 L15 H1
3000 lm 27.20 W 35.0 V 3500 K
PL-CORE-G7 3000-S65 L15 H1
3000 lm 19.00 W 34.8 V 6500 K
PL-CORE-G7 2000-S65 L15 H1
2000 lm 11.90 W 34.1 V 6500 K
PL-CORE-G7 3000-S40 L15 H1
3000 lm 48.00 W 36.0 V 4080 K
PL-CORE-G7 2000-S40 L15 H1
2000 lm 30.20 W 35.1 V 4080 K
PL-CORE-G7 5000-S35 L15 H1
5000 lm 52.90 W 36.5 V 3500 K


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Information about Family

Areas of application
  • Excellent light for FOOD applications
  • Spotlighting in shops and retail
  • Down- and wall lighting in offices, corridors, meeting rooms, workplaces
  • Decorative and functional lighting in hospitality, hotels, restaurants
  • Functional lighting in public and commercial buildings

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