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PrevaLED Flat AC MA

Product family features
  • Master with integrated RF sensor (motion, dimming, auto off at daylight)
  • Master Slave system with up to 11 luminaires and up to 5 Masters
  • Designed for wall and ceiling luminaires with diffuse light distribution
  • Low-cost LED replacement of CFL wall-, and ceiling luminaires
  • Driver integrated on LED board
  • Available diameter: 170 mm, 240 mm
  • Available with color temperature: 3,000 K or 4,000 K
  • Available with luminous flux: 1,500 lm, 2,500 lm
  • LED module is reinforced isolated to mounting surface
  • Photobiological safety according to IEC/TR 62778, risk group RG1
Product family benefits
  • Touch protection accessory for simple use in luminaires
  • High reliability
  • Easy to use
  • Optimised design for simple thermal management
  • Enables thin and efficient luminaire designs
  • High quality of light thanks to low modulation
  • 5 year guarantee


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Total useful luminous flux
Nominal wattage
Nominal voltage
Color temperature
Data sheet
PL-FLAT-AC MA-G2 1500-830
1500 lm 13.90 W 230 V 170.0 mm 3000 K
PL-FLAT-AC MA-G2 1500-840
1500 lm 13.60 W 230 V 170.0 mm 4000 K
PL-FLAT-AC MA-G2 2500-830
2500 lm 21.40 W 230 V 240.0 mm 3000 K
PL-FLAT-AC MA-G2 2500-840
2500 lm 21.40 W 230 V 170.0 mm 4000 K


Information about Family

Beautiful thin wall and ceiling luminaires with homogeneous lid surface.

This device offers a variety in lighting: from DALI or Phase cut dimmable to HF detectors and emergency lighting. An integrated LED driver into the LED board and a touch protection accessory for a simple use in luminaires are some special features.
Areas of application
  • Corridors
  • Stairways
  • Landings
  • Hallways

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