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PrevaLED Flat AC SL

Product family features
  • Slave controlled by master for dimming to 10 % and auto off at daylight
  • Separate LED circuit for operation on local emergency lighting driver
  • Designed for wall and ceiling luminaires with diffuse light distribution
  • Low-cost LED replacement of CFL wall-, and ceiling luminaires
  • Driver integrated on LED board
  • Available diameter: 170 mm, 240 mm
  • Available with color temperature: 3,000 K or 4,000 K
  • Available with luminous flux: 1,500 lm, 2,500 lm
  • LED module is reinforced isolated to mounting surface
  • Photobiological safety according to IEC/TR 62778, risk group RG1
Product family benefits
  • Touch protection accessory for simple use in luminaires
  • High reliability
  • Easy to use
  • Optimised design for simple thermal management
  • Enables thin and efficient luminaire designs
  • High quality of light thanks to low modulation
  • 5 year guarantee


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Total useful luminous flux
Nominal wattage
Nominal voltage
Color temperature
Data sheet
PL-FLAT-AC SL-G2 1500-830
1500 lm 13.30 W 230 V 170.0 mm 3000 K
PL-FLAT-AC SL-G2 1500-840
1500 lm 13.00 W 230 V 170.0 mm 4000 K
PL-FLAT-AC SL-G2 2500-840
2500 lm 20.30 W 230 V 240.0 mm 4000 K
PL-FLAT-AC SL-G2 2500-830
2500 lm 20.30 W 230 V 240.0 mm 3000 K


Information about Family

The PrevaLED Flat AC SL is easy to use, and its touch protection makes it safe for use in existing luminaires. It is highly reliable, with its own driver integrated into the LED board, and a separate LED circuit for operation on a local emergency lighting driver. The design has been optimized for simple thermal management, and its low modulation ensures a high quality of light. You can dim to 10% and apply auto switch-off in daylight, using a master/slave arrangement. The PrevaLED Flat AC SL is designed for use in ceiling- and wall-mounted luminaires with diffuse light distribution, and is ideal for corridors, stairways, hallways and landings. You can also use it for the low-cost LED replacement of compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) in wall and ceiling luminaires. It is available in diameters of 170 mm and 240 mm and a range of luminous flux and color temperature options.
Areas of application
  • Corridors
  • Stairways
  • Landings
  • Hallways

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