Product family benefits
  • Long lamp life
  • No adverse effect from frequent on/off switching
  • Automatic restart after lamp replacement
  • Perfect lamp start for applications with motion sensors
  • VDE/VDE EMC certified system
  • Very high energy efficiency due to cut-off technology


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ECG lifetime
Data sheet
QT-FIT 5/8 1X18…39
21.0 mm No 50000 h 280.0 mm 30.0 mm
QT-FIT 5/8 1X54…58
21.0 mm No 50000 h 280.0 mm 30.0 mm
QT-FIT 5/8 2X18…39
21.0 mm No 50000 h 280.0 mm 30.0 mm
QT-FIT 5/8 2X54…58
21.0 mm No 50000 h 280.0 mm 30.0 mm

Information about Family

Whether you are installing a new lighting system, or looking for an ECG replacement for modernization of an existing system, consider the QUICKTRONIC FIT 5/8. Available in a range of variants, it features lamp start with optimum filament preheating, and automatic shutoff of defective lamps and at the end of life. Use it with luminaires of protection class I in open plan office lighting, corridors and storage rooms, strip lighting and public buildings. Its benefits include the ability to withstand frequent on / off switching without damage, long lamp life, very high energy efficiency thanks to cutoff technology, and automatic restart after lamp replacement If your LMS includes motion sensors, this ECG provides perfect lamp starts. The QUICKTRONIC FIT 5/8 has a system certified by VDE/VDE MC, assuring you of its quality.
Areas of application
  • Open-plan offices, corridors and storage rooms
  • Public buildings
  • Strip lighting
  • Suitable for luminaires of protection class I
  • Modernization of existing systems
Ecodesign regulation information:
Separate control gear and light sources must be disposed of at certified disposal companies in accordance with Directive 2012/19/EU (WEEE) in the EU and with Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations 2013 in the UK. For this purpose, collection points for recycling centres and take-back systems (CRSO) are available from retailers or private disposal companies, which accept separate control gear and light sources free of charge. In this way, raw materials are conserved and materials are recycled.