SubstiTUBE U-Shape

• Quick, simple and safe replacement without rewiring • Energy savings of up to 65 % (compared to T8 fluorescent lamp on CCG) • Operation directly on 230 V AC mains possible • Instant-on light, therefore ideally suitable in combination with sensor technology • Very high resistance to switching loads • Also suitable for operation at low temperatures


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Nominal wattage
Nominal luminous flux
Color temperature
Overall length
Data sheet
ST8U-EM 8 W/840 300 mm
8.00 W 1100 lm 4000 K 305.0 mm No
ST8U-EM 20 W/840 600 mm
20.00 W 2750 lm 4000 K 602.0 mm No

Information about Family

• Street and city lighting • Industry


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