TYREseal 450 OTSB450

OSRAM TYREseal 450

The OSRAM TYREseal 450 is a tyre sealant that can be used as a replacement for the manufacturer's original tyre sealant set. The OSRAM TYREseal 450 enables you to seal punctures up to 6 mm* using the latest particle gel technology and then re-inflate your tyre with a tyre compressor such as the OSRAM TYREinflate 200, 450 or 1000. After sealing your tyre with the OSRAM TYREseal 450, you can continue your journey up to a distance of 200 km to get a replacement tyre from a garage or tyre dealer or, as the tyre sealant can be rinsed out again, to have the tyre permanently repaired instead of buying a new one, thus saving costs. Sealing a damaged tyre can be done quickly and easily, without tools or jacks, so you can resume your journey within 10 minutes.
Compared to foam sealants, OSRAM's sealant formula is designed to be compatible with the vehicle's tyre pressure monitoring system (TMPS). Thanks to the valve passage technology, the valve insert does not have to be removed when using the sealant.
The OSRAM TYREseal 450 can be used as a replacement for the manufacturer's original tyre sealant. As most tyre sealants have to be replaced every 5 years, including those supplied ex works in the car, the OSRAM TYREseal 450 replacement bottle is an ideal way to replace the tyre sealant in the car after the expiry date and, in the event of a tyre puncture, to seal it and continue driving.
The OSRAM TYREseal 450 and the OSRAM TYREseal KIT are tyre sealants from OSRAM that use particle gel technology to seal tyre punctures and are produced according to the OE standard of the car manufacturers. Available as a set, i.e. as OSRAM TYREseal KIT with sealant, tyre compressor and storage bag or as OSRAM TYREseal 450, i.e. as a tyre sealant replacement bottle.
*The tyre sealant cannot be used to repair damage to the sidewall of a tyre

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