Smart Beautiful Cities

Traxon e:cue connects and illuminates cities around the world

Change the look of a city at the quick touch of a button

Attract business by creating a smart and beautiful environment. Captivate tourists by delivering a mind blowing experience. Establish creative spaces that stimulate innovations. Be an inspirational environment and draw attention from the most talented people. The looks of a city can be changed as easily as changing a TV channel. Create seasonal atmospheres, backdrops for city events and new tourist destinations. Facades of buildings, landscape lighting, street lights and even existing office lights can be integrated into one symphony of light.

Make your properties and business stand out

Set apart your property from the competition. Entice the most fascinating and promising tenants of the future. Give back a piece of art to your host city. An edifice becomes part of the symphony of light and interaction. It helps uplifting its surroundings to higher standards. It attracts new visitors and hence customers for businesses. Buildings and its environs are positioned as state-of-the-art areas. Businesses, guests and residents can experiment with visual effects and interactivity to create new business opportunities.

Create inspirational environments for everybody

Let the locals participate in shaping their environment. Enhance safety and security. Promote creativity. Using interactive applications, residents and guests can change the looks of buildings and even alter the visual characteristics of the city as a whole. Play video games on facades that operate as screens. Incorporate visual art as a way to communicate messages or trigger this effect by approaching the building. Create an inspirational environment in which every member of society can be an active participant.