Butler PRO

The Butler PRO is an e:net to DMX512/RDM (DMX512 version) or an e:net to e:pix (e:pix version) interface for the e:cue Lighting Application Suite (LAS) and SYMPHOLIGHT. Butler PRO is connected to the e:cue software via Ethernet. The Butler PRO DMX512 is the perfect choice for running a large number of DMX512 universes, offering support for 16 DMX512 universes with 8,192 channels and full RDM (Remote Device Management) capability for bidirectional communication with luminaires. The Butler PRO e:pix controls 16 e:pix universes with 32,768 channels. The system can be mounted ideally into a standard 19-inch rack. Yet, it is also possible to mount it onto a wall or ceiling m using rotatable mounting brackets.

IC DMX: AA628600035
EAN DMX: AA628600035
IC e:pix: AA628610035
EAN e:pix: AA628610035

Key features

  • Ethernet to DMX or e:pix converter with 16 outputs in 19” format
  • Stores stills in the unlikely event of loss of connection with the server
  • Controls up to 8,192 DMX512/RDM channels in 16 DMX512/RDM universes (DMX512/RDM version)
  • Works with SYMPHOLIGHT
  • Highly flexible test options
  • Supports RDM for bidirectional communication with luminaires (only in the DMX512/RDM version)
  • Controls up to 32,768 e:pix channels in 16 e:pix universes (e:pix version)
  • Scalable to up to 65,536 DMX512/RDM channels via the LAS
  • Scalable to up to 750,000 RGB pixels with up to 25,000 RDM systems via Emotion FX
  • Can be installed effortlessly into standard 19-inch racks or mounted onto a wall or ceiling using rotatable mounting brackets

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (W x H x D) 482 x 44 x 142 mm / 19 x 1.7 x 5.6 in (incl. mounting brackets)
Weight 1200 g
Power100 ... 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumtion. max. 20 W
Operating temperature0 … 40 °C / 32 … 104 °F
Storage temperature-20 ... 70 °C / -4 ... 158 °F
Operating/storage humidity 0 … 80% non-condensing
Protection ClassIP20
MaterialsSteel, front powder coated
Mountingin 19-inch standard racks
CertificationCE, ETL, UKCA