DMX2CC Dimmer

Constant Current Dimmer

Available in six-channel and twelve-channel versions, the DMX2CC enables DMX512 control of high power LEDs (1W and 3W) using a constant current dimming method, ensuring flicker-free and smooth dimming as it is, for instance, required in such environments as television studios or in the field of medicine. The DMX512 out port repeats and amplifies the DMX512 signal for convenient daisy-chaining. Additionally, a self-diagnostic test function prevents damage to the unit and LEDs caused by incorrect wiring, open or short circuit, and overheating, and is able to maintain lighting levels in times of DMX512 data and signal loss. DMX2CC is easily set up with auto and manual DMX512 addressing modes, and conveniently mountable inside equipment racks using standardized 35mm wide DIN rail.

IC: AA5700601IL (6 Channel), AA5700501IL (12 Channel)
EAN: 4006584812356 (6 Channel), 4006584812332 (12 Channel)

Key features

  • Available with 6 and 12 Channel
  • Smooth, flicker-free dimming of constant current fixtures
  • Pre-selectable LED current between 50mA to 700mA
  • DMX512 in/out with auto/manual addressing options
  • Self-diagnostic test function, overheating protection and overcurrent protection
  • Status message display and keys for configuration and setup
  • High efficiency (up to 95%)

Technical Specifications



Dimensions (W x H x D)272 X 75.4 X 58.5 mm
10.71 x 2.97 x 2.3 inch
142 x 75.4 x 58.5 mm /
5.59 x 2.97 x 2.3 inch
Weight 0.75 kg/1.65 lbs412 g / 0.9 lbs
Power24 ... 48 V DC
max. 9 A
24 ... 48 V DC,
max. 4.5 A
Quiescent current24 V: 140 mA
48 V: 80 mA
24 V: 80 mA
48 V: 50 mA
Operating temperature-10 ... 40 °C/14 ... 104 °F-10 ... 40 °C/14 ... 104 °F
Storage temperature-20 ... 70 °C/-4 ... 158 °F-20 ... 70 °C/-4 ... 158 °F
Operating humidity20 - 90%,
RH, non-condensing
20 ... 90%, non-condens.
Housing Anodised aluminium and plasticAnodised aluminium and pla
CertificationCE, FCC, TUVCE, FCC, TUV
InputDMX512 (RJ45)DMX512 (RJ45)
OutputDMX512 (RJ45) for chaining
multiple devices
12 output channels
(screw terminals)
DMX512 (RJ45) for chaining
multiple devices
6 output channels (screw terminals)