DMX2PWM Dimmer

Constant Voltage Dimmer

DMX2PWM Dimmers enable control of low-voltage LEDs using a DMX512 controller. Using PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) technique, they are designed for use with constant voltage LEDs with a maximum output current of 2A per channel, or 2.5A for the three-channel version. DMX512 signal is amplified through DMX2PWM Dimmers for convenient daisy-chaining. DMX2PWM Dimmers’ flexibility makes installations easy with auto and manual DMX512 addressing modes, and in the case of the nine-channel version, the option of using an RJ45 connector or loose wire for DMX512 connection. The reverse supply protection and self-resetting over-current protection ensure safety against possible damage due to incorrect wiring. The nine-channel version is conveniently mountable inside equipment racks using standard 35mm wide DIN rail.

IC: AA623900135 (3 Channel), AA623910135 (9 Channel)
EAN: 4006584812233 (3 Channel), 4006584812257 (9 Channel)

Key features

  • Control of constant voltage LED fixtures
  • Three or Nine individually-controllable output channels via DMX512
  • Reverse supply protection and overcurrent protection (self resetting)
  • Smooth dimming via PWM with 488 Hz frequency
  • Manual address setting or auto-addressing selectable
  • Input voltage range: 12-48 VDC
  • 14bit PWM resolution calculated from 8bit DMX value

Technical Specifications



Dimensions (W x H x D)94 x 71.5 x 24 mm/
3.66 x 2.81 x 0.94 inch
107 x 76 x 59 mm/
4.21 x 2.99 x 2.32 inch
Weight 0.08 kg/0.18 lbs0.228 kg/0.5 lbs
Power12 ... 48 V DC (screw terminals)12 ... 48 V DC (screw term.)
Quiescent current12 V: 35 mA
24 V: 21 mA
48 V: 15 mA
12 V: 57 mA
24 V: 32 mA
48 V: 21 mA
Max. output current2.5 A per channel2 A per channel
Operating temperature0 … 50 °C/32 … 122 °F0 ... 50 °C/32 ... 122 °F
Storage temperature-20 … 80 °C/-4 … 176 °F-20 ... 80 °C/-4 ... 176 °F
Operating/storage hum.0 … 80% non-condensing0 ... 80% non-condensing
Protection classIP 20IP 20
Housing AluminiumAluminium, plastic
CertificationCE, ETLCE, ETL
InputDMX512 (RJ45)DMX512
(RJ45 or screw terminals)
OutputDMX512 (RJ45)
for chaining multiple devices
3 output channels
(screw terminals)
+ connector:
on input voltage
- connector:
low side PWM switch
(RJ45 or screw terminals)
for chaining multiple devices
9 output channels
(screw terminals):
+ connector:
identical to input voltage
- connector:
low side PWM switch
Always select the power supply output voltage
accordingly to your LED fixture input voltage !
12 V PSU for 12 V LED
24 V PSU for 24 V LED
48 V PSU for 48 V LED