Lighting Solutions
Dynamic and functional lighting control with just one software

Dynamic and functional lighting control with just one software

Sympholight 3.0 combines both worlds now even more powerful.

With the implementation of various features for the control of functional lighting in Sympholight 3.0 you are now ready to define layouts, control and supervise light installations for complete buildings. The brand new optional cloud connection helps to collect and visualize data such as energy consumption and status information of e.g. office or industry facilities. In addition the creation of individual lighting scenes for dynamic luminaries is just a few mouse clicks away. The new backup functionality for additional safety and the new SymphoTouch remote control app available for iOS & Android are just a few new features of the new Sympholight 3.0 Release.

Dynamic light

An overview of the new functions

  • Improved performance for huge installation provides controllability of more channels.
  • Improved device management saves time for design creation.
  • More creativity with the new scene editor.
  • Unlimited design freedom for color scenes and videos through the implementation of RGBW.

Functional light

An overview of the new functions

  • Create complex automation scenarios with easy graphical programming tools, for additional usability with the newly designed workflow designer.
  • Improved controllability of dynamic white, RGB, RGBW and DALI-installations with DT6 and DT8.
  • Easy handling of human centric light installations with the new HCL editor.
  • Support of predictive maintenance features for light installations with new RDM functions.
  • Time saving by creating and reutilizing individual templates that can combine different control setups and functions.

Assure yourself of the new features and download Sympholight 3.0 Service Release 1 here.

  • Set-up, configuration, programming, and execution of lighting projects in one single application
  • Easy control of both DMX and DALI luminaires
  • Full integration and support for all e:cue SYMPL Modular Controller Range devices and many classic e:cue devices, like the Butler series and Glass Touches
  • Powerful “Workflow Designer”, a visual tool for easy and versatile automation of many additional protocols and systems, such as RS232, UDP, contact closure, TCP/IP, for simple integration for example of building management systems, AV and content management systems, databases, etc.
  • Extensive range of options for controlling dynamic/white DALI (Device Type 8) luminaires with precisely adjustable light temperatures on a daily basis or over definable periods (Human Centric Light applications).
  • Precise control of RGB and RGBW luminaires and matrix systems via DMX and e:pix. The extended color and brightness spectrum gives rise to a host of new design options based on the use of RGBW.
  • Real-time simulation capability for both design and execution stages
  • HTML 5-based graphical user interface with GUI Editor, which can be controlled via LAN or WLAN via any web browser regardless of operating systems or mobile devices
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 SP1 32 bit or more recent version
  • Internet Explorer 10 or better
  • 4 GB RAM
  • A minimum of 20 GB hard disk space
  • Dual-Core processor
  • DirectX9 supported graphics adapter
  • A minimum of one Ethernet interface for connections to engines and interfaces