SYMPHOLIGHT 3.0 service release 6 out now!

We are pleased to announce the sixth service release of Sympholight 3.0 available for download.

We are looking forward to your feedback in the forum or via email.

Release Notes

FIX: Solved a problem that on loading a huge project to the SYMPL Core S an error was reported, although the project was transferred successfully.
Workflow DesignerFIX: Inconsistent signal flags from previous versions of SYMPHOLIGHT are now automatically repaired and projects are loadable again.
FIX: Prevent loading incompatible Workflow templates from future versions of SYMPHOLIGHT.
FIX: Improved the usability and explanation of start and end times in Time Trigger/Condition block configuration windows.
FIX Solved several issues about wrong calculations of the next trigger time in Time Trigger blocks.
FIX: The Digital Input value of Analog / Digital Contact blocks (e.g. for SYMPL input Nodes) is now updated correctly on project load.
FIX: The values of Get Object Property blocks are now retrieved and forwarded also when loading a project.
ActionPad DesignerFIX: Fixed a problem about lost references between Toggle Buttons and objects like Sequences after adding further ActionPad elements.
FIX: Heavy load could lead to the ActionPad and the WebUI not being accessible any more on the SYMPL Core S.