SYMPHOLIGHT 3.0 service release 5 out now!

We are pleased to announce the fifth service release of Sympholight 3.0 available for download.

We are looking forward to your feedback in the forum or via email.

Release Notes

General FEATURE: Added support for SYMPL Essential Node und SYMPL Pro Node.
CHANGE: Ingoing event triggers of the DALI Group block are now working as expected.
CHANGE: Updated Fixture Library to current version including Media Wallpaper.
FIX: Solved a problem on LCE Systems and reduced consistent workload for about 15%.
FIX: When using the Core S without configuring IP address the Core S won´t change its own IP address any more after a restart.
FIX: Improved stability when sharing the license with a Core S.
FIX: Selecting bitmaps on the 3d canvas is no longer leading to a crash.
FIX: Solved an issue that could lead to crashes on the Core S when using a SYMPL Pro Node.
SetupCHANGE: Improved drag-drop behavior when matching virtual and real DALI devices.
FIX: Solved an issue that prevented users from setting up / changing the DMX / e:pix universes.
FIX: Fixed a problem that could lead to unloadable project files when using Allegro Dot Pxl Distributor.
FIX: Solved an issue that prevented RDM devices from showing up in the RDM view after the network was disconnected.
FIX: DALI Plug & Play feature is initializing correct now, showing only available flags.
FIX: DALI View selection and drag & drop behavior now works as expected.
FIX: Backup Configuration window will now accept the entered data when closing the dialog by hitting the enter key.
FIX: "Device Information" and "Line Mapping" properties are now shown in the property grid when selecting DALI fixtures within the 3D Control.
ContentFEATURE: Added Hold last Frame fading for cues and sequences.
FIX: Effects without render effect cannot be copied / pasted any more.
FIX: Wipe effect is now starting without gradient and therefore works as intended.
Workflow DesignerCHANGE: Changed the error toast when the user is trying to parse messages as binary when they are not in the binary format.
FIX: Solved a problem that caused the RDM – Observer Block to not load all configured ports.
FIX: Fixed an issue with Workflow Templates that could lead to exceptions because the datatype was not applied early enough.
FIX: Compare Condition Block is now restoring the correct Port Mode after changing the Data Type / on load project.
FIX: Solved an issue that could lead to faulty stored cache data from Value blocks using persistence.
FIX: Copy / cut and pasting of workflow blocks with attached signal flags is now working is intended.
FIX: Solved a problem that could lead to a crash when deleting signal flags.
FIX: Workflow blocks can no longer be executed before they are initialized completely.
ActionPad DesignerFIX: Color Pickers are now loaded with correct color and therefore not interfere with running shows when opening / refreshing an ActionPad page.
EngineCHANGE: RDM Start-Address can now be set above 512 for e:pix universes.
FIX: Solved an issue that could lead to a crash when working with DALI devices.