SYMPHOLIGHT 3.0 service release 7 out now!

We are pleased to announce the seventh service release of Sympholight 3.0 available for download.

We are looking forward to your feedback in the forum or via email.

Release Notes

General FIX: Improved the stability when working with large images in the 3D Canvas.
FIX: Fixed an issue that in very rare cases, the scenes targeting DMX luminaires were reset to zeros for all channels.
FIX: Trying to open the Open or Save File dialogs will no longer fail, if the previously used network drive is no longer available.
FIX: If you set a past time or date, the connections to e:net devices were not stable any longer, causing the DALI system to rescan the devices repeatedly.
FIX: Fixed Copy and paste scene values for RGBW and Intensity scenes
Workflow DesignerFIX: In rare cases, configuring Workflow blocks in templates with the corresponding configuration dialogs did not work properly in previous versions.
DALIFIX: Fixed a problem processing scene formulas in the DALI Group Control block, when the system is set to certain language and region settings.
FIX: DALI Observer workflow blocks with certain configurations will no longer prevent a project from being loaded.
FIX: DALI Ballast Line Control blocks now display all available DALI lines as targets properly.