SYMPHOLIGHT 3.0 service release 3 out now!

We are pleased to announce the third service release of Sympholight 3.0 available for download.

We are looking forward to your feedback in the new forum or via email.

Release Notes

General FEATURE: Added support for LightnTec LED Wallpaper MSM 50mm 144PXL Fixture
CHANGE: Changed the timeout of DALI command confirmations to prevent the Core S to send commands twice
FIX: Fixed an issue that made the project file not loadable when using templates
FIX: Renaming DALI devices now works as intended
FIX: Solved an issue that prevented DALI Ballasts to update their Device Type extensions when loading a project file
FIX: Signal flags are now loaded correctly and don´t make the project file unloadable
FIX: Deleting a template is no longer making the project file inconsistent and unloadable
FIX: Future updates of SYMPHOLIGHT will now be automatically detected again
ContentImproved copy / paste behavior of timeline content
Improved performance of thumbnail creation
FIX: Fixed a crash when copy / paste tracks on the timeline
FIX: Pasted timeline content will have no identifiers by default to keep the identifiers unique
Workflow DesignerFIX: HCL Block is now working correctly when using different localization settings
FIX: DALI Group Block now sets the luminance value correct every time
FIX: List of references for the "Change Object Property Block" cannot be empty any more
FIX: Changing the triggers of a "Multi Toggle Delay Block" is no longer leading to a crash
FIX: When adding new triggers to the "Multi Toggle Delay Block", the new ones will always have the default length of 1 second
ActionPad DesignerFIX: Fixed a bug that could cause some race conditions or unwanted behavior when using the ActionPad
FIX: ActionPad pages can be switched correctly with the help of the "Global Page Control Block" now
FIX: The use of an ActionPad faders is no longer stressing out the CPU resources of the Core S
FIX: Solved an update issue where it was possible that the ActionPad was not refreshed after value changes
FIX: Deleting a theme from Sympholight no longer deletes the theme from the hard drive
FIX: ActionPad fader has no longer an offset to the knob position
FIX: Changing fader values on mobile devices now only effects the currently selected fader and not the faders used before
FIX: When loading a project file and adding new content to the ActionPad Designer the default identifier will be unique
OutputFIX: Grandmaster fader is now working for RGBW fixtures, too