Control Light and communicate occupancy of conference rooms

Imagine this: You're entering a conference room while your lighting control system is communicating to other people that the room is occupied. Employees don't have to look for free rooms anymore and the cleaning crew knows whether or not the room needs to be  cleaned. All this can be achieved easily with e:cue Sympholight and Symphotouch. The best part: You don't need any additional hardware for that! The example below will also show you how to turn off the lights in a clever way.

  • Open Sympholight.
  • Add the controller to the show (DALI Node).
  • Place a couple of virtual ballasts und a PIR-sensor in the canvas.
  • Scan the real DALI-Bus  and connect the detected luminaires as well as the sensor to the virtual devices. Set the dimming curve of the ballasts to  “linear” (applies to the LED luminaires).
  • Switch to the Automation Workflow Designer Tab and insert the dedicated “DALI Group Control” block and a “DALI Presence Detection” block for the corresponding DALI devices/groups.
  • Now you need a “Multi Toggle Delay” block – this block acts like a timer and reduces the brightness of the luminaires gradually if no movement has been detected after the expiration of the pre-set time.