The Sympholight Workflowdesigner

Interactive, Versatile and Intuitive!

Be it meteorological data or other external information – regardless of what it is that you want to integrate into your lighting installations, the Workflow Designer allows you to do so with ease. The intuitive creation and editing of work processes, the simple linking between luminaires and control modules, and the ability to incorporate functional and dynamic lighting solutions – all this makes the Workflow Designer a unique lighting control tool.

Why complicated, if you can have it the easy way!

The advantages of the Workflow Designer at a glance

  • Intuitive creation and editing of work processes.
  • Easy Drag and Drop feature to incorporate hardware and process stages.
  • Save time by creating and further utilizing templates.
  • Quick use of preconfigured templates, e.g. Human Centric Light Concepts (HCL).

Assure yourself of the new features and download Sympholight 3.0 SR2 here.


Make something out of it – we’ll show you what’s possible!