Display the weather forecast with dynamic lighting – it’s that easy!

Did you know that you can visualize the weather forecast with Sympholight and colored lighting? For instance, you can show the local residents the forecast for tomorrow’s weather by illuminating a bridge or a tower using colored light. With the help of the Workflowdesigner in e:cue Sympholight it’s quick and easy – here’s how it works.

  • Open Sympholight.
  • Add the controllers to the show (SYMPL or Butler).
  • Address the luminaires (patches) and assign those to the universes of the controllers.
  • Create a sequence with ten color effects, each one with the fade-in and WITHOUT the fade-out (e.g. rain = blue, sunsine = yellow, storm = red). Our sample script distinguishes between nine weather conditins, which is why you will need ten cues: 1: clear sky – yellow, 2: few clouds – yellow, 3: scattered clouds – bright blue, 4: broken clouds – bright blue, 5: drizzle – blue, 6: rain – blue, 7: thunderstorm – red, 8: snow – green, 9: mist – red, 10: no data (luminaires white) - white.
  • Create two cues parallel to each effect. The first cue runs parallel to the fade-in time and should be set on the “continue” Playmode (properties). The second cue is set on “repeat” and runs parallel to the full color.
  • Assign the first fade-in-cue an identifier from 1 to 10. The “continue” cue receives a random identifier >11.
  • Import the attached script to the Workflow Designer. This will access openweathermap.org. There, you have to login to get an ID (API Key).
  • Fill in the ID and the location (longitude & latitude). Hint: Usually, the compass app in your smartphone gives you this information. Furthermore, you can set the time you want your weather forecast to be predicted (standard of 24h).
  • Add a periodic trigger by setting the interval, for instance, to an hour (3600 s). Connect the trigger Port to the “Run Script Port” of the script.
  • Add the corresponding “Sequence Cue Control” block to you color sequence (e.g. sequence 1). Connect the script output “weather code” to the “go to cue” input. Depending on the forecast, relevant cues will be accessed.
  • The Sequence should start automatically when Sympholight starts. Use the “Show Initialized” Block and drag in the “Sequence Play Control” Block for you Sequence as well.
  • Connect the “Initialized” output to the “Start” input.?
    Hint: ?You can see the weather forecast as text in the “Description” output of the script block. This text can, for instance, be shown via a “Text Label” on the ActionPad.