The mobile interface to your lighting installation

In a globally connected world, remote accessibility via your mobile device has become a standard procedure. The brand new SymphoTouch app for SYMPHOLIGHT offers you this exact function. Access and control of lighting installations created with SYMPHOLIGHT has never before been as quick and easy! In a nutshell, this is a great way of controlling location based lighting from any of your smart devices.

SymphoTouch displays and stores up to four connections (correspondent ActionPads) which you can access to interact with the luminaires and lighting designs. The cherry on top: each design is assigned a QR code which makes the interaction even easier, end user-friendly and certainly more fun!

In a nutshell

  • Location based lighting control via your smart device
  • Runs on both iOS and Android
  • Optimized for smartphones and tablets
  • Download for free from your AppStore or GooglePlay
  • Access SYMPHOLIGHT remotely via smart device
  • Create a luminaire or design installation in SYMPHOLIGHT, scan the generated QR code to access your lighting design via ActionPad
  • QR code grants access and right to control interface for your location based design
  • Store up to four ActionPad connections
  • Password protection available, i.e for use in public spaces like fairs or hotels

One app, many use cases

City Beautification

An important government official’s visit is coming up and
you would like to prepare an unforgettable welcome?
Accentuate your landmarks with custom made motives and
colors and let the city’s most significant places shine
in new splendor. Use SymphoTouch to control your
lights on the go.


Make the most out of a guest's stay in an unfamiliar environment.
With SymphoTouch, adjusting the color temperature
can transform a room from a space to get
ready into a space to relax in an instant.
Let your guests feel like the queens and
kings that they are.


Want to boost your retail? Let the people know it’s
sales season. SymphoTouch is so easy to operate,
your shop assistants won’t need any additional training
to determine which lighting mood fits best to attract
your potential customers from a distance.


Not every office can provide the luxury of a desk
location near the window. And even if it does,
sometimes natural light is simply not enough.
Use SymphoTouch to turn on the luminaires
of your preference in the office and choose the
color of the light to enhance your working
atmosphere accordingly.


Give the coach an opportunity to motivate your
members during a spin class, or let a yoga teacher
create a soothing atmosphere in the room.
Use colorful light to increase the effect of a workout
and SymphoTouch to control the momentum.

Home Automation

Let your loved ones know you’re coming home.
Use dynamic lighting sequences to signal your
arrival even before you enter your house.
Open SymphoTouch, press a button and let
the magic unfold. Your dog will thank you for sure.