Blast Furnace PHOENIX West

Dortmund, Germany

The new adventure trail on the grounds of the Blast Furnace PHOENIX West provides an extraordinary topographic experience. It offers a marvelous view of the redesigned landscape park and offers a look at the technology used, which has rarely been seen by visitors until now. Since closing the furnace in 1998, the impressive area is owned by North Rhine-Westphalia and offers the option of guided tours.


Category: Indoor
Location: Dortmund
Technology: LED
Year: 2014

Functional white lighting was integrated, as well as a concept using an orange glow emphasize certain areas, particularly on the adventure trail. In addition to lighting the pathways and open spaces, GmbH designed illumination for the antique furnace and developed a consistent concept throughout different areas of the park. Traxon Wall Washer Shield AC XB-36, and customized Dot XL-6 and Dot XL-9 were chosen to realize this concept, and K. Bellwon Elektrotechnik GmbH was responsible for the installation of the fixtures. Qualified industrial climbers worked at dizzying heights to install the fixtures in the difficult-to-reach spaces of the furnace. Connected to an e:cue Butler XT2, the entire lighting solution can be controlled via a custom Action Pad application for mobile devices.

Used Products

Project Partner

Installer :K. Bellwon Elektrotechnik GmbH
Lighting GmbH
System Integration:K. Bellwon Elektrotechnik GmbH
Principal:NRW.URBAN GmbH & Co. KG