Hyper modern urban lifestyle complex

Box Park - Dubai, UAE

Box Park is a hyper modern urban lifestyle complex in Dubai, which combines special shopping and entertainment venues with unusual restaurant concepts from around the world over a total length of 1.2 kilometers.


Category: Smart City
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Technology/Services: Luminaires
Year: 2015

In order to create a unique shopping and leisure experience for the residents and visitors of Dubai, the architects and designers divided the development in 10 thematic zones reflecting iconic locations around the world, such as Broadway, Times Square, Harrods or Moulin Rouge. The corresponding impressions and moods are generated mainly by the lighting in the various zones, created by the use of different colors and media content. For example, in the Moulin Rouge zone "hot" colors like pink and orange are used, with media content showing hearts and windmills.

This is made possible primarily by the Traxon LED luminaires and e:cue lighting control systems used in this project. The major technical challenge in this project was to develop a system that was able to control all the dynamic elements used to render the different themes. Thanks to Traxon’s strong engineering support, the designers were able to realize their work in a simplier and faster way. Traxon's ability to control all dynamic luminaires irrespective of the brand, such as gobo protectors and inground fittings has been another reason for the customer to opt for Traxon.

Used Products

Project Partner

Technical Director:WSP
General Contractor:Dutco
M&E contractor:BK Gulf
Lighting Programmer:Traxon Technologies and Florian Licht
Client:Meraas Development
Lighting Designer:Delta Lighting Solutions
Architect:Studio M – Meraas Development
Installer:BK Gulf