Burj Al Salam Tower

Dubai, UAE

Burj Al Salam Tower is a 60-story mixed-use development, comprising three adjoined towers situated on a podium block and linked to a separate car park building by connecting foot and vehicular bridges. A striking, unique façade lighting scheme presents the building at night in an appropriately spectacular fashion. A total of 500 units of light boxes in six different lengths scattered all around the façade is part of the architectural design of the building.


Category: Outdoor
Location: Dubai
Technology: LED
Year: 2014

The light boxes are installed above the finished ceiling, behind the façade spandrel area, therefore producing zero glare for the occupants whilst visible from distances of up to 10 km. Each light box contains Standard OSRAM DRAGONchain® RGBW LED modules that are controlled as a separate address using the e:cue DMX2PWM 9CH nine-channel-dimmer which is pixel mapped in the software to produce different effects from the UAE flag and static colors to interesting dynamic art. The façade lights are triggered by the built-in astronomical time clock of the main lighting control – the e:cue LCE Lighting Control Engine. Buttons and faders are programmed in the Action Pad for easy access on the programs and manual operation for the operator. The design intent for the lighting of the Podium Area and the Walk Way Bridge was to highlight the architectural design of the Podium Area stone cladding and of the Walk Way Bridge curved surface with static white lines. The perfect solution for this were customized Traxon Monochrome Tube LED luminaires.

Used Products

Project Partner

Architect :ERGA Progress Engineering Consultants
Installer :Aesthetix Media LLC
Technical Director:Mr. Barry Hannaford
General Contractor: Dubai Contracting Company LLC