Bus Terminal Schiphol Noord

Schiphol, Netherlands

For the new bus station ‘Knooppunt Schiphol-Noord’ a British T2-airplane hangar from World War II has been relocated to the premises of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and then renovated.


Category: Outdoor
Location: Schiphol
Technology: LED
Year: 2015

The clients wanted to realize an energy-efficient and self-sufficient bus terminal with a roof, with emphasis on a comfortable atmosphere for the daily traveler. So the aim of the designer and architect was to create a bus station, which does not look like a bus station. During daytime the translucent white roof panels guarantee perfect light levels. After sunset the 4500 m2 roof is illuminated by 138 Nano Liner Allegro RGB LED luminaires, and the 4.500 m2 platform below by 184 Nano Liner Allegro 4000 K LED luminaires. Together, the Traxon LED downlights and LED uplighters create a pleasant neutral white light level with an atmospheric play of colors on the ceiling. Due to the translucent ceiling, the lighting animations are visible from both inside and outside of the terminal, and even visible out of the ascending airplanes. The downlights are programmed statically with light intensity depending on their individual positions. The RGB uplighters are programmed dynamically, using a 24/7 standard program as well as special "shows" for special occasions such as the King’s Day, Christmas or national sporting events. e:cue LAS Enterprise allows to display also slow changing low resolution images and movements. 22 solar panels on the roof produce the necessary power for the entire facility.

Used Products

Project Partner

Lightdesigner:Claessens Erdmann
Architect:Claessens Erdmann