Unique shopping experience at the Chevy Chase Pavilion

Chevy Chase Pavilion - Washington D.C, USA

The Chevy Chase Pavilion in Washington D.C underwent rejuvenation to enlight and delight both retailers and customers. Located in the Friendship Heights neighborhood of Washington D.C., the newly renovated Chevy Chase Pavilion features a large, attention-grabbing media wall in the atrium of the upscale shopping mall.


Category: Retail
Location: Washington D.C., USA
Technology/Services: Luminaires
Year: 2012

The investor representing ownership, Clarion Partners, recently embarked on a $32 million repositioning plan with the architectural firm Streetsense to rejuvenate the mall, attract high-end retailers and position it as the go-to retail and dining destination in the region. Comprised of Traxon 16PXL Boards and 4PXL add-on Boards behind 3Form material, the three-story media wall not only displays color-changing effects, but tells a narrative through videobased content, imagery, and abstract effects. The installation became three dimensional through the addition of 16PXL Boards to the sides of the main escalators situated directly in front of the wall.

Opposite of the escalators and wall is a staircase where the edge of each stair riser is smoothly illuminated by Traxon’s 1PXL Strip. The floor edges of the atrium are lined with 1PXL Strip RGB designed to encircle customers and draw attention to the main wall by creating coordinated linear effects.Controlled by e:cue’s Butler, Video Micro Converter, Lighting Control Engine (LCE), and LCE-fx, the wall and escalators work in tandem, tying together the entire atrium space. Traxon worked closely with the architect, Streetsense, and programmer/installer, idesign, to overcome the challenges of designing and installing a large-scale project of this nature. The result is an exciting, lively and modern shopping and dining environment that sets the Chevy Chase Pavilion apart from other shopping malls.

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