A dream of a light show

Dylan‘s Candy Bar – New York, NY, USA

The Big Apple is a bit sweeter due to the opening of the new Dylan‘s Candy Bar in Union Square, New York City. This venue features a number of vibrant elements - candy cane poles, a giant lolipop tree, and a sealed bright silver glitter floor.


Category: Dynamic lighting, Retail
Location: New York, USA
Technology/Services: Luminaires
Year: 2015

The colorful ceiling consists of nine pop up rectilinear coves, each lined with 1 PXL Cove Light XR fixtures that are individually addressable. End result allows for a dynamic lighting “show“ that features the company theme colors that cycle between all of the coves. The system has been programmed for seasonal shows and different color themes. The entire installation is controlled by e:cue Butler XT2, with presets that can be changed manually via an e:cue Glass Touch T12. Traxon & e:cue worked closely with the project team to ensure the system was installed and properly programmed to meet client deadlines. The overall result adds another dynamic layer to this colorful and whimsical environment. An atmosphere that is designed to awaken the inner child in all by providing the ultimate candy experience.

Used Products

Project Partner

Lighting Programmer:Traxon Technologies
Client:Dylan‘s Candy Bar
Lighting Designer:Amy Laughead, 37 Volts
Architect:Chute Gerdeman
Installer:Live Wire Electric